Headliner of Sunday program-MAX & IGGOR CAVALERA RETURN TO ROOTS!

The most famous brothers in the history of metal - Max and Iggor Cavalera are coming to the Czech republic to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their legendary album "Roots", which changed the view of the metal and the general view of the heaviest genre, with the fans at the Metalfest. The "Roots" released by the brothers Cavalera's Sepultura in 1984, immediately rocketed the band into the world's extra class. Not that they were not known before. Their 5 previous albums are among the musical jewels but this was quite a different story. Get ready for the famous "Roots, Bloody Roots" or "Ratamahatta" directly from Max himself and with the support of Iggor's inimitable drumming! Don't miss out the "Max and Iggor Cavalera Return to Roots" show at the Metalfest Open Air!

Three-day-passes for the festival are available on www.mastersofrock.cz and presales TicketPro, TicketPortal, TicketArt, TicketStream and Plzenska vstupenka for the price of 1350 CZK valid only until the end of March!